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Increasing online sales through the Rakuten Affiliate Network


The Dune Group has over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry and has grown through a passion and dedication to excellence in product development and in-house design, and a commitment to providing outstanding customer service.  

Dune has over 45 UK stores, an international website and supplies to Selfridges, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Debenhams and ASOS among others.

Marketing Objective

- Increase online sales and explore the opportunities available through online promotions.
- Leverage an affiliate programme to contribute meaningful sales online.


  • Partner with the Rakuten Affiliate Network due to its expertise in the retail fashion space
  • Work with a variety of different publisher models; including content sites, blogs, and shopping platforms
  •  Developed relationships with fashion shopping platforms such as ShopStyle and sub-networks like rewardStyle by offering commission increases and providing assets for good performer
  • Test new markets without having to find additional budget, as all activity is operated on a CPA basis


Since their partnership with a wide range of diverse publishers, Dune’s affiliate programme has achieved its potential and the programme is now an integral part of the brand’s online presence. The Dune programme has seen steady and impressive yearly growth across all key performance indicators – impressions, clicks, orders, GMS, AOV and conversion.  

When comparing affiliate performance for Jan-Sept 2012 to Jan-Sept 2013 YoY, Dune saw an increase in:

  • Site visits by 150%
  • Revenue by 97%
  • AOV by 2.54%


Dune is utilising affiliate marketing to increase their online sales and explore opportunities available through online promotions.


Dune launched an affiliate programme with Rakuten Affiliate Network in 2010 to  drive further sales online.


Jan-Sept 2013 YoY, Dune saw an increase in site visits by 150% and revenue by 97%.


Rakuten Affiliate Network will continue to boost Dune’s ROI and customer interaction through their highly successful affiliate programme.