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The Fast Track to Global Success with Rakuten Affiliate Network


With UK e-commerce sales reaching £60 billion, and desire for British retail overseas soaring into new heights, Farfetch has grown its luxury fashion business substantially, now shipping to over 180 territories in 9 different languages.

Farfetch wanted to push this international demand by investing further in affiliate marketing to grow brand awareness amongst luxury shoppers in the APAC markets, an area which is currently seeing rapid e-commerce and digital growth.


Farfetch wanted to fast-track their customer reach and brand awareness in emerging APAC regions in a cost effective, low risk manner. During the course of aggressive global expansion, brand positioning needed to be protected and remain consistent across international markets.

The luxury retailer had a strong desire to increase the global performance of bloggers and key online influencers, through both recruiting new sites onto the programme, and improving their relationship with existing partners.


“This is a wonderful success story of an idea that is very difficult to execute: enormous revenue growth on a CPA-only model in the luxury fashion space. This was all coordinated seamlessly with a coordinated team on the ground in London, Sydney, Tokyo, and New York.” Megan Dado, Director of Affiliate, Rakuten Marketing EU.

  • Farfetch’s global programme now contains over 1,600 bloggers/content sites, each of which are creating original content promoting Farfetch’s brand. Bloggers are one of the best performing publisher verticals for Farfetch.
  • 349% growth in blogger partnerships YoY
  •  Programmes in the UK, US, AU and JP have managed to generate an enormous amount of sales across 187 different countries

“Rakuten Marketing has a vast international footprint as well as a fantastic understanding of the fashion and luxury space. The alignment of our international programmes has proven a huge success creating a global view and simultaneously aided our growth across multiple markets. Our partnership has resulted in impressive YoY performance and we are excited to continue and develop our relationship on an international scale.” Natasha Lawley, Performance Marketing Manager, Farfetch