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Mainline Menswear

Multi-channel marketing strategy


Established in 2004, the Mainline Menswear website offers one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of men’s designer clothing online. 

Mainline Menswear has an exclusive partnership with Rakuten Marketing, holding accounts with both their affiliate network, Rakuten Affiliate Network and their display and retargeting platform, Rakuten Display.

Marketing Objectives

• Streamline the brand’s affiliate, display and retargeting efforts through one provider
• Migrate affiliate programme to a leading affiliate network with advanced technology and a large number of top fashion publishers
• Explore the retargeting model on a varied CPA basis


• Migrate affiliate programme to the Rakuten Affiliate Network
• Develop fashion publisher partnerships during Rakuten Marketing events
• Rakuten Display to produce engaging retargeting banners

Affiliate Results: 2013 vs 2012

• 18.5% increase in affiliate sales
• 10% rise in AOV

Display and Retargeting Results

• Retargeted users 107% more likely to return to site
• Retargeted users 13% more likely to convert