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Simply Electronics

Increasing online transactions using Affiliate marketing


Simply Electronics is a leading online retailer of consumer electronics, selling products from some of the world’s best known brands. 

Competing predominantly on price, the retailer was looking to implement a new marketing channel to support its wider e-commerce strategy of increasing sales and driving awareness online.

As a result, Simply Electronics partnered with the Rakuten Affiliate Network back in 2009 to develop an affiliate programme that would help to meet its sales objectives. 

Marketing Objectives

• Increase online transactions and customer base
• Work with an affiliate network with outstanding customer service
• Partner with top voucher code, loyalty and cashback sites to reach core consumer base


• Work with a dedicated account manager through the Rakuten Affiliate Network
• Develop partnerships with VoucherCodes.co.uk, Quidco, vouchercloud and other key publishers
• Extend private commission offers to targeted publishers e.g. Quidco, MyVoucherCodes and Top CashBac


• 118% growth in AOV (2013 vs 2012)
• 55% increase in Gross Margin Sales (2013 vs 2012)
• 75% average increase in clicks (2012 - 2014)