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Targeting fashion content sites to raise online profile


UNIQLO is a leading Japanese designer, manufacturer and retailer of casual wear. The company operates in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Malaysia, The Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Indonesia.

Online Marketing Objective

  • Raise online profile and extend customer base around the United Kingdom
  • Establish growth through a combination of partnerships with key fashion content sites, bloggers and "super publishers" to boost the strength of the brand online


  • Utilised affiliate marketing as part of a wider online strategy, and partnered with a long-standing affiliate network
  • Developed partnerships with top performing fashion sites and volume partners by offering exclusive commission rates and access to bestselling products with tagged deep links
  • Developed relationship with bloggers by offering samples from key collections


UNIQLO has engaged with a variety of innovative publishers, resulting in an extremely successful affiliate marketing programme for the Japanese brand.  

Partnerships with cashback and loyalty sites (Quidco and Top cashback) in particular have driven the most traffic and sales, whilst maintaining high AOV from the promotion of UNIQLO’s top collections such as the Djokovic range during Wimbledon.

  • Sales have risen by 10% (year to date)
  • Q2 2015: 53% growth in sales and 49% increase in orders (year on year)  


UNIQLO intended to establish partnerships with key fashion content sites and “super publishers”, to boost the strength of the brand’s online presence.  


UNIQLO looked at the top performing fashion publishers and volume partners through the Rakuten Affiliate Network, that they could collaborate with across various different activities.


Q2 2015: 53% growth in sales and 49% increase in orders (year on year)  


UNIQLO will continue to work with Rakuten Affiliate Network exclusively, to develop successful relationships with top publishers and continue to build their online profile.