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Great Little Trading Company

GLTC reaches over 390,000 customers through Rakuten Display


In 2013, Great Little Trading Co. (GLTC) launched their first ever retargeting campaign through Rakuten Display, with the aim to convert abandoning customers and build brand awareness through consistent and strong messaging. Over the course of just 18 months, Rakuten Display has expanded GLTC’s customer reach considerably through the implementation of Facebook Retargeting, Cross-Device Retargeting and Prospecting. Through continual tests and optimisation Rakuten Display have surpassed all GLTC’s ROI targets, enabling the brand to invest more budget into the campaign.

Marketing Objectives

  • Increase brand awareness and consumer engagement
  • Convert GLTC’s high value customers in their decision making phase to drive incremental sales
  • Reach more customers through multi-channel execution (Cross-Device and Facebook channels)
  • Focus on key product ranges and categories during peak seasons (sales and Christmas)
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience across all channels and devices


Engagement Model

  • Unique to Rakuten Display, allowing GLTC to track interactions with their ads and Rakuten Display to read customer intent to better optimise towards conversions

Reaching Customers

  • Identified that mobile (especially iPad) traffic was growing considerably, surpassing online desktop sales during Q4 2014
  • Discovered that the most popular cross-device journey was from Tablet to Mobile: where a consumer first saw a banner on their Tablet; they later converted through their Mobile phone

Creating a consistent Customer Experience

  • Activated product segmentation, pushing key products around peak periods, with ‘personalisation’ switched on, so customers could receive relevant content as well as key products
  • Delivered a 56% lift in engagement and staggering 3520% lift on CTR on targeted segments like ‘Christmas’ and ‘Toy Kitchens’, than their standard homepage banners

Creative Optimisation

  • Built bespoke creative to mimick the GLTC site experience
  • Everything from the brand’s USPs to product images was included so consumers received a consistent brand experience

Transparent Media Buying

  • Reaching more customers was crucial, as was seeing the growth of relevant publishers through programmatic media buying
  • Not only was GLTC winning top placements on popular sites like YouTube, Mumsnet, Bounty and The Guardian, but the client often found programmatic buying a cost effective way of getting on top publisher sites without securing tenancies and Homepage takeovers.


Rakuten Display was able to drive the following results for GLTC's multi-channel and multi-device display campaign in 2014:

  • Reached 398,277 customers
  • Delivered 145,092 customers back to the site (of which 24,854 continued to purchase)
  • Incremental lift in site revenue of £2.1M (210% Lift) vs. organic site traffic
  • 17,399 sales through Desktop, Facebook, Cross-Device Retargeting and Prospecting activities
  • 210% uplift YoY in total sales revenue YoY
  • AW14 saw a phenomenal growth rate of 213% in demand, (5% over target) whilst ROI was stronger than target at 12:1 v 11:1

“The use of the display channel has been a great success for us in 2014. We’re now working with Rakuten Display to produce innovative and progressive ideas on how we can generate new customers and further expand our reach in 2015." Lisa Neatham, Digital Marketing Manager, GLTC 

GLTC was so pleased with the display campaign they opened an affiliate programme with Rakuten Affiliate Network to utlitise Rakuten Marketing’s omnichannel service offerings.