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Hand Picked Hotels

Proving the Value of Display with Cadence Essential

Hand Picked Hotels is a collection of country houses located throughout the UK and Channel Islands. This privately owned collection prides itself on offering guests a unique, luxury hotel experience in some of the UK’s most stunning locations.

An existing Rakuten Affiliate client, an opportunity was spotted for Hand Picked Hotels to invest in Rakuten Display to drive additional revenue. The brand had big questions marks over the effectiveness of the channel, having previously tried and failed to see the value it delivered.

Rakuten Display turned to Cadence data to overcome this challenge, and the results were eye-opening for Hand Picked Hotels.

The results
Following an attribution consultation, Hand Picked Hotels agreed to trial Rakuten Display and installed Cadence Essential. The SPI process was completed within 2 weeks and performance data was being fed directly into the platform.

When enough performance data had collected, Rakuten Marketing scheduled a meeting with Hand Picked Hotels to discuss the findings. It was uncovered that Display activity, was in, fact driving far more revenue than previously thought.

Using Cadence Essential, Rakuten Attribution were able to demonstrate that display was achieving 18%x attributed ROI, proving to Hand Picked Hotels the true impact it was having on revenue.

One of the most compelling results showed a 167% uplift in conversion rates for journeys containing a display retargeting touchpoint compared to those that didn’t. Showcasing the multichannel user to Hand Picked Hotels.

With these fantastic results, Hand Picked Hotels are now in a stronger position to shape their strategy in a way that resonates with their consumer.

Rakuten Attribution is now in discussion with Hand Picked Hotels to incorporate additional customisation into the Cadence platform. This includes granular reporting on generic PPC, social media, and e-mail marketing, with the end result comprising of a paid for attribution solution.

The power of performance data
With Cadence, Hand Picked Hotels are now in a position where they can optimise their marketing channels more effectively. Rakuten Display is able to showcase, in granular detail, how well they are performing and Rakuten Attribution has proven the value of accurate measurement.

Hand Picked Hotels


  • 167% uplift in conversion rates for journeys containing display retargeting
  • 18x attributed ROAS