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Strong Affiliate Partnerships brings Hunter Global Success


Hunter is a British heritage brands renowned for its iconic Original boot. Headquartered in London, with offices in Scotland, New York and Dusseldorf, the brand builds on its heritage of 160 years, creating footwear and outerwear designed to protect from the weather and perform across all terrains.

After acheiving affiliate success through Rakuten Affiliate Network UK, Hunter decided to open a US programme to improve their global coverage across the web.

Marketing Objectives & Strategy

Hunter first developed their UK affiliate programme in 2012 with 3 key objectives in mind:

- Focus on global expansion and reach

- Establish relationships with key influencers to promote content

- Increase conversion through affiliate partnerships

Hunter recognized the value in working with publishers that reflected their brand, so they sought out to accomplish their objectives by partnering with fashion-forward, innovative and engaging websites.


The Hunter UK affiliate programme continues to go from strength to strength, with double digit annual growth. In 2015, we reported the following Year on Year figures:

- 21% increase in Sales

- 17% increase in Orders

- 16% increase in Commission

Moving into the US affiliate market proved a great success for Hunter. In particular, the brand attributes a lot of their success to forming strong partnerships with key US-based influencers and shopping sites.

In just 1 year (Jan '14 - Jan '15), Hunter saw an amazing 240% increase in revenue, and a 58% increase in Click Active Publishers.

"Working with Rakuten Affiliate Network allows us direct access to the best quality content sites on a global level".
Lucinda Reed, Global Digital Acquisition Manager, Hunter