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Activates Attribution to Understand the True Value of Display Advertising


Laithwaite’s is the UK’s leading home-delivery wine service. With over 1,500 wines to choose from, bringing fine wines at affordable prices to thousands of customers.

Digital Marketing Objectives

  • Laithwaite’s use a last click attribution model; they wanted to understand the value of their display campaign across all touchpoints and journeys
  • Drive conversion with customers that engaged but never bought before


  • To implement Rakuten Marketing proprietary technology, Cadence Essential
  • Provides a single, consistent view of performance across all digital communication channels
  • Gave Laithwaite's visibility of their last click performance as well as the attributed revenue 


  • The number of orders for which display played a role in was undervalued by 427% when using last click modelling alone
  • Friday and Saturday had the highest conversion rate
  • AOV was highest over the weekend
  • Peak conversion period was between midday and 6pm