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Uncovering the value of content publishers in the path to purchase


Lipsy is a fashion brand born and bred in the heart of London, dedicated to bringing the hottest looks from the catwalk to the high street.

A common challenge for advertisers is proving the value of affiliates that frequently appear at the start of a purchasing journey and not at the end, such as content publishers.

Lipsy wanted to overcome this and move away from a last-click view of performance.

Specifically, the brand sought insight into the role their content publishers were having on conversions in the fuller context of the user journey.

As an existing Rakuten Marketing client, Lipsy was eligible for Rakuten Marketing’s attribution platform Cadence at no cost.

Cadence tracks all channels and touchpoints in the path to purchase, delivering a fuller view of performance. This view allows Lipsy to uncover the role content publishers are having at every stage of the funnel.

Using the platform, the true value of Lipsy’s content publishers was revealed. The insight delivered led to strategic changes to Lipsy’s affiliate programme, boosting partnerships with the best performing content publishers and reducing spend in those which were proven to be less effective.


Cadence data demonstrated the value of all content publishers, revealing a 115% attributed ROI compared with last click. This led to decisive strategy changes and an optimised affiliate programme.

Rakuten Marketing identified content publishers that had been undervalued on a last click model. Many of these publishers appeared as the first touchpoint for converting journeys, proving that upper-funnel content affiliate activity contributes to conversion.

It was also uncovered that Lipsy’s affiliate programme with Rakuten Marketing was performing strongly, with all of Lipsy’s top 20 publishers contributing at every stage of the funnel. This proved that the affiliate strategy was delivering results in the research, consideration and purchase stages of the buying cycle.

The insight provided by the attributed data also allowed Lipsy to make strategic changes to their current affiliate partnerships, switching budget to those publishers that are strong performers on an attributed basis.



Cadence provided the unique ability to demonstrate the true value of content affiliates revealing a:

  • 115% increase in content publisher ROI when comparing attributed data against last-click data

Rakuten Marketing was further able to identify key areas where affiliate performance could be optimised, allowing Lipsy to make strategic changes to its current partnerships.