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Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader offers a personalised brand experience with Rakuten Display

Monica Vinader is a British jewellery brand that celebrates individuality. Bridging the gap between fashion and fine jewellery, Monica Vinader is for everyone, with easy-to-wear, high quality pieces to style, stack and personalise. Its iconic friendship bracelets, vibrant gemstones and cutting-edge diamond pieces have made the brand internationally.

Monica Vinader launched their affiliate campaign through the Rakuten Affiliate Network in May 2013 due to its wealth of content sites, bloggers and shopping sites- providing perfect partnerships for the luxury advertiser. The programme has gone from strength to strength and saw a 51% increase in sales and 61% increase in orders through the UK network year on year.

Following the success of their affiliate programme, Monica Vinader wanted to utilise Rakuten Marketing’s omnichannel services, and run a display campaign with Rakuten Display.

Marketing Objectives:
·  Convert abandoning consumers online
·  Secure new customers in the UK, US, Spain and the Middle East
·  Present the customer with a truly personalised experience – the right message, at the right time, from the right place

· Run a Retargeting and Facebook Advertising campaign to extend audience reach
· Segment customers based on onsite behaviours to maximise media buying effectiveness
· Run lift analysis report to review uplift created through Rakuten Display vs a Control Group (who only received charity ads)

· 20% engagement rate (217% higher than standard retargeting campaign)
· 2.25% CTR rate (12 times higher than standard retargeting campaign)
· Focused more media spend on customers viewing multiple products on-site, delivering an incremental return
Control Group Analysis
Engaged users are:
· 155% more likely to purchase than those not advertised to (charity control group)
· 19% more likely to purchase than those who only received impressions (saw a banner)