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Papa John's

Engaging Consumers Through Hyper-local Targeting


Papa John’s is the third largest pizza delivery company in the world, yet in the UK their main challenge is brand awareness. As part of their expansion plan in the UK, Papa John’s were to open a brand new store in the city of York, a region they had never ventured into before. Papa John’s began working with Rakuten Marketing in May 2015 as they could leverage Rakuten Marketing’s comprehensive display solutions and cross-device technology.

Marketing Objectives: ·        

  • Raise brand awareness for the Yorkshire store ·        
  • Drive sales through digital devices in this region


Two key considerations were identified which influenced the strategy:

1. The nature of the pizza takeaway business  

Online browsing plays a huge role in the consumer purchase journey as does lifestyle and mind-set as well as reaching the right audience at the right time.

2. The delivery distance and catchment area of the store

Papa John’s needed to raise awareness in a smart, cost-efficient way whilst also targeting relevant consumers – through a combination of precision and reach. There was the additional challenge of narrowing the reach within this catchment area as the delivery distance of the store was 3 miles.

Key Steps: ·        

  • Implement a hyper-local mobile only campaign layered with a cross-device campaign ·     
  • Leverage Rakuten Marketing’s proprietary Lat/Long targeting technology to accurately identify and reach consumers within the desired 3 mile radius around the new store ·        
  • Layer prospecting and retargeting solutions to reach the right audience at different stages of the purchase journey
  • Identify the most opportune moments to retarget engaged consumers across devices · 
  • Refine campaigns further by targeting consumers based on time of day - when a customer is most likely to purchase and thus drive conversions. 


Papa John’s achieved strong results based on the granularity of the campaign.

  • £2:1 return on ad spend for the mobile campaign at £15 cost per order, a solid return considering it was mobile and prospecting only. ·        
  • An even more impressive £22:1 return on ad spend for the cross-device campaign coming in at just £1.60 CPO, highlighting just how cost effective the strategy was able to drill down into.  


Papa John’s were able to see that customers’ initial site activity began on a mobile device, but ultimately used their desktop computers to complete the order on the mobile-first campaign. ·        

  • 40% of orders from the cross-device campaign were made on a different device from where the customer  was first targeted ·        
  • 38% who started on a tablet converted via a smartphone  

Watch our video for the highlights!

Papa John's Location-Based Mobile Strategy | Rakuten Marketing